Curtis Performs

The online stage for the Curtis Institute of Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Curtis Performs?
A: Curtis Performs is a website dedicated to broadcast-quality Curtis Institute of Music performance videos. Performances by Curtis students, faculty, and alumni are filmed in Field Concert Hall and Gould Rehearsal Hall at the Curtis Institute of Music and at the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall. Choose from five channels: Spotlight (featured selections), solo and chamber music, orchestra, opera and vocal, and Curtis1, a series produced as part of Curtis’s Music and Technology curriculum.

Watch for free with a high-speed internet connection on mobile and desktop devices. Videos are exclusive to Curtis Performs, not found on YouTube or anywhere else on the web.

A simple sign-in option (person icon at top right of the screen) allows you to “applaud” performances (equivalent to “like” on Facebook), save favorite videos to a personalized “My Concerts” playlist, and receive updates on new content. The site’s responsive design instantly customizes the display for an intuitive experience.

Q: Whenever I try to play a video, I get an error message.
A: Are you using Internet Explorer 8? Unfortunately the video player doesn't work on it. You should see a message at the top of the window, recommending that you use another browser, such as the free Firefox ( or Google's Chrome (

Q: The videos keep pausing when I try to watch on my mobile device.
A: Are you connecting with 3G? Sometimes videos play smoothly, other times the connection isn't strong enough. Try connecting through Wi-Fi instead.

Player resolution screenshotQ: Although I have high-speed internet, pauses in the transmission of recordings detract from my enjoying them. How might I improve the reception?
A: If you’re on a computer, hover over the player controls and adjust the size of the file by selecting a smaller number. Sometimes a smaller resolution will stream more smoothly. In the illustration pictured here, you could change the setting to 1000k or even as low as 500k.

Q: I just heard a terrific performance at Curtis! When is it going to be posted on Curtis Performs?
A: We consider every performance we record, but until the video goes through the review process we're not able to say whether or not it will be posted. Sign up (person icon at top right of screen) to receive Curtis Performs news via e-mail.

Q: When are you posting new performances?
A: We plan to post new performances year-round. Sign up (person icon at top right of screen) to receive Curtis Performs news via e-mail.

Q: How do I contact one of the student composers about getting the music to his or her piece?
A: Use the Contact Us form, found from a link at the bottom of each page, or write to